pcsx2 0.9.7 Cheat folder problem?
Hey guys! im trying to add Suikoden V (Usa) Cheats to this game! but cant seem to get them to work!

i have done my homework im sure, but maybe i have missed somin! i get them from
The Key does match the game!
I have Converted it to Raw and i know how to make Pnach files! even used the PCSX2 Cheat converter!
i have attached it here so it can be double checked!

i have tried them on the version of 0.9.6 and it works perfectly! but wish to use them on the newer version as it runs better.

i presume you do a new folder named "cheats" in My Documents\pcsx2

i dont understand what im doing wrong! i checked the consolelog also! it says there is an error on there:

[wx] can't open file 'cheats\bcd0b7cd.pnach' (error 3: the system cannot find the path specified.)
No cheats found. Resuming execution without cheats...

andi have enabled cheat on the emulator. it has been confirmed on one of the threads it works on the 0.9.7, by creating a cheat folder!

Maybe i have placed the folder in the wrong area? it also looks like the 0.9.7 is reading pnach files from the program patch file of 0.9.6, i did place a new pnatch file there also so see if that works! but other then that im out of ideas!

hopefully someone can help! Thanks!

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.pnach   BCD0B7CD.pnach (Size: 127 bytes / Downloads: 1.427)

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needs to be in the "cheats" folder, created in the root folder of pcsx2 (where you find the bios, plugins and ini folders)
(06-10-2010, 07:07 PM)Saiki Wrote: needs to be in the "cheats" folder, created in the root folder of pcsx2 (where you find the bios, plugins and ini folders)

Thanks for a quick reply, yeah thats where i did it, 0.9.7 version is at C:\Documents and Settings\user name\My Documents\pcsx2
which is where all those other folders are located!

unlike 0.9.6 which are all placed in the programs section.

Not unless your telling me the 0.9.6 version which has its plugins/ini/bios folders etc needs to be created in there?
which i just tried and no prevail.
ah.. granted, I forgot people use documents folder now. I believe it needs to be in the root folder however, not in your documents. (on this I could be wrong though)
You sir! are a gentleman and a scolar!

Yeah the plugins are in the root folder and the rest are in the documents section!
i was doing it all based in the documents folder hah!

worked right away when i placed it in the roots folder!

Thanks again!
me? a gentleman? scary thought.. anywhos.. glad to hear I was actually right for a change
I also want to Thank you Saiki for the tip on where to put the 'cheats' folder.

It works great. I had previously tried to load Codebreaker ELF as someone had posted, but I can't get it too start in pcsx2 0.9.7 after selecting cheats. It just stays stuck on 'starting game'
@windrider that's why u need to choose swap disc before u press start game Smile then Codebreaker starts the game including cheats! Smile
How exactly do you swap discs in this emulator

I know how to run all this on the regular PS2, but not the emulator

I am using the cdvdGigaherz plugin and just choose ISO to start my games.
Quote:I am using the cdvdGigaherz plugin and just choose ISO to start my games.

Either you are using ISO or using plugin. In the first case the plugin is just selected but not being used.

PS: Notice even in the Linus ISO plugin with an actual image selected the above is valid. Several threads in that forum are because it was not understood and people actually mounts the game and try to start it from ISO, leading to conflicts.

For the actual question, it should just select the game's ISO and "start game" from codebreaker after swap disk in the emulator, not sure about it though. Or mounting the image on a virtual driver or linus iso plugin and having "plugin" instead ISO selected in the GUI.
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