pcsx2 0.9.7 config for B-Boy ps2
how to config pcsx2 0.9.7 full speed for B-Boy(ps2)

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having a machine up to the task is the first step, since you didn't tell it's specs I'll assume it is mainstream once you are asking the question, with general recommendations.

First, removes all speed hacks, set the internal resolution for the best performance you can get (it may be the native in this step and depends too much on the actual video card), make sure 8 bit textures is disabled.

Now begin to apply the speed hacks, those marked as recommended are relatively safe to use.
If it's not enough to full speed, move the EE cyclerate one step and run the game, if still not enough
move the VU cycle stealing one step, run the game and feel it for a while, if still it's slow move the vu... one step more....

At this point you should get a huge increment in the FPS but the game may lag, feel it for a while, the lag may be more acceptable than raw FPS lacking.

But if that is not enough still, you entered the despair state, move the EE one step more and the sound will begin to suffer but..., if not yet good... go for all speed hacks, or try overclock or upgrade the machine or try a less demanding game (actually I don't know how this one is hard to emulate)...

If yet not enough, there is no hope in the actual stage, maybe in another release of the emulator but I would not count it would perform miracles.

These general recommendations are valid for any and every game. But would be so more easy if you had posted at least the machine's specs and the plugins configurations and hacks already attempted... Since you didn't, this is the only reasonably possible answer.
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PC specs? PCSX2 version? PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? What speed do you get currently?
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(08-01-2010, 05:36 AM)Shadow Lady Wrote: PC specs? PCSX2 version? PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? What speed do you get currently?
28 FPS
well it's something already Laugh

Imagine it's a car and you call the mechanics and tell him: How I tune my car for full speed climbing that hill?

- What is your car's brand and model, what kind of carburetor do you use and what speed do you get now? he asks in return

- 40MPH

-OOOKKK, but what about those others things?
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