pcsx2 0.9.7 lags?
I have the newest pcsx2 0.9.7 and it lags, in game for every game. I've seen videos on youtube and people are able to play these games at full speed with no lag and they have worse specs than me.

here's my specs:
AMD Athlon X2 @ 2.66 GHz
3gb ram
nvidia geforce 9600 GSO 768mb
windows xp home edition sp2

Drivers are all up to date and 100% new. Any suggestions for speed up?

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What plugins?? What configuration?? What games you try to play??

The CPU is kinda OK, but the 9600 GSO is probably a tad lame in fillrate as the GSO indicates that the VRAM is 64 bits wide which is ... kinda slow.
im using THE DEFAULT PLUGINS that come with the emulator. The settings for all the plugins are default. Boots from my dvd drive, which I tried to play tekken 4, hokuto no ken and tekken 5. So far they all lag. The dvd's are in good condition.
Ok. First of all try to make ISOs of the DVDs cause it tends to at least load faster and ingame streaming music is read faster causing the sync to work better.

Also the Tekken games demand a high clocked CPU. Around ~3.6-4.0 Ghz should be fine for full speed.

So... what you can do is try some speedhacks. Vu steal and some Vu hacks should speed it up alil.

hokuto no ken looks like a bitmap beat them up. This where the GS is probably the bottleneck. Are you running it in MTGS mode? It should atleast fix the offload from the rest of the EE machine.
What's MTGS mode and how do I enable it? Also, will it be possible to overclock this cpu and how would i do it safely? thanks for the info too Laugh
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