pcsx2 0.9.8 Problem
Hi guys im new into this forum and im so sorry if i got bad english but i will try my best to explain my problem i think you guys can see the pic what my kinda problem is but if u guys dont see it well then... anyways

The problem is i playing my emulator and when i do it goes a bit slowmotion a bit lag the music on the game does even not go normal and plus while i play its weird things on the screen on the emulator while i play like some cant explain it but its some stuffs on the screen while i play like it wont show whole screen 100% beathy of it seems like my computer is slow? maybe to old emulator maybe i should get the newest one? ahh well at least i can tell you guys my computer info what i got and maybe this help may help you guys to guide me a way so i wont get anymore lags or anything i hope this was good explain...

3,33 ghz
2 gb ram
pentiumR dual-core
and graphic card is : Geforce GT 430

i hope.. i can play it somehow this emulator.. with faster and bettter way thnx for all help!! =)

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unfortunately that graphical bug cant be solved at this time Sad
to make the speed better enable all recommended speed hacks an increase the VU hack up to 1
Dude u try to tell me we can fix the lag problem but not the Graphic problems on this emulator?... =/... but i seen aloot youtube players goes gameplay there and showing how they play their emulators with perfect graphics and all.. u tell me that my graphic card is bad thats why it wont be 100% good graphic picture?...... Sad
emulation isn't like you do the same effect on a pc game. glitches happen cause pcsx2 isn't able to "reconstruct" the graphical effect techincallly correct like the ps2 does it. that doesn't have anything todo how good or bad your graphics card is.
and your CPU is the one who is bottlenecking
intel celeron D man that is olD
You need to upgrade fast !!!!!!
and your GPU needs an upgrade too Wink

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