pcsx2 0.9.8, motionjoy, Win7 64bit - controller not working in games

i have win7 ultimate 64bit, latest patches.
I installed first motionjoy 0.6 and paired my sixaxis by bluetooth, tests are ok.
I installed pcsx2 0.9.8, lilypad plugin activated (I got no ssspsx in the installer package?).
In configuration, controller, plugin settings, i set pad 1 to "dualshock 2", device diagnostics I choose "DX MotioninJoy Virtual Game Controller".
"Test Device" in that window show values of 1 when i press buttons...
BUT - when I start a game (i want desperatly to play ff12), I just don't have any controls, cannot even start the game, the start sequence runs smoothly, but i cannot stop it... :-)

Any hints?

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