pcsx2 0.97 need help
Whenever I try to run a game the emulator sends me to the bios configuration menu where I cannot select any dvds, just the memorycards.
I tried all the cdvd plugins and the emulator iso selector. It's all the same....

please help....

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have you set your plugins corrently? (or used the PCSX2 ISO loader)
You are almost in the right path. Let's imagine you are trying to run from the actual dvd disc (you should really create an ISO of it for performance reasons), in this case you need to use Gigaherz CDVD plugin and select the actual driver letter that should appear in it's configuration AND make sure "Plugin" is selected in the GUI and Not "Iso"

Case 2 - It's an ISO image you want to run ... here things branch and you can chose between:
a - use the Linus Iso plugin, navigate to the image from the plugin configuration and select it. Again make sure "Plugin" is selected at the GUI.

b - Browse the ISO image from the GUI's CDVD tab -> Iso Selector -> Browse. Make sure "Iso" is selected in the GUI and Not "Plugin" AND make sure NO disc or image is selected elsewhere, neither on physical or virtual drives.

Does not matter the chosen method start the game by the "Boot CDVD (fast)"

PS: If in Vista or Windows 7 Don't use virtual drivers like Daemon, alcohol, etc. They use SPTD which has some issues with the OS and almost certainly will crash PCSX2.
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