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pcsx2 1.0.0 how do you disable/enable cheats/patches?
the last version of pcsx2 that had a patch browser that I'm away of was 9.6. I know how to enable cheats under the systems menu but how do you enable/disable individual cheats? thanks for any info

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Do you mean to edit them and turn them off but keeping the cheats you want enabled?

You need to basically just remake the pnach file.

What I do, is use omniconvert to open the cheat file and then I put "//" infront of the cheats that i don't want active and that turns that cheat off.

if you want cheats disabled period meaning no cheats at all, just bring up the PCSX2 and click over where it says "System" and down the list it says "Enable Cheats" if it's checkmarked, un-check it and the cheats will turn off, but you have to re-load the game or re-start PCSX2 for it to take effect.
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Either move tho unwanted cheats from the Pcsx2 cheats/patches folder, or edit the cheat/patch file and deleter the unwanted part of the codes. Make sure you back them up in case you need them again.
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ok so there is no patch/cheat browser like there was in previous versions, and as for placing the "//" in front of a cheat that you wish to not be active i tried that and the cheats still seemed to be active after i restarted the emulator could you show me an example off how you have done it maybe i did it wrong

Thanks again for all of the feedback
I use Notepad++ to quickly disable the cheats I don't currently need.

To disable cheats without restarting pcsx2:
With Notepad
1.You must add // infront of every patch=1
2.Disable the cheats from System=>Enable Cheats
3.Click once(it's better to be twice)on the scrollbar of the console

With Notepad++
1.Settings=>Style Editor=>Language=>Makefile=>type pnach in User ext=>Save & Close
2.Open the pnach file,select the codes you won't want and either press Ctrl+Q or use the buttons to toggle block commend=>Save the file
3.Disable the cheats from System=>Enable Cheats
4.Click once(it's better to be twice)on the scrollbar of the console
Some cheats stay active when loading save states, like persona 4's widescreen hack.
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GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti
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That's because the value of some address don't auto switch to default.
To revert it to default,you have to either set the value manually to the default value or load the game from memory card save(that don't always help too)
Save states save all memory values too and since the value don't auto revert to default,the cheats stay enabled always(even tho you disable the cheats)
I don't understand how the file should look, and i've been following everything i've read, but the cheats never work, what do i even do?
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