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pcsx2 1.4.0 solution for game freeze for castlevania lament of innocence
Dear Friend,
Good day, hope your doing well!
I am using you PCSX2 1.4.0 emulator version to play Castlevania Lament innocence.
The game freezes when i faced  the doppleganger for the 2nd time at Pagoda of Misty Moon. 
Fyi, even i had avoided to face the doppleganger for the 1st time at the "Water falls stage" because it was an optional boss.
Would appreciate your kind solution in fixing this problem as i am unable to progress further due to this issue.
Thanks for your kind co-operation in this regard.

Best Regards

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could you post your emulog.txt after the hang happens? you can find this in the "logs" folder located either with the emulator or under Documents/PCSX2 (i think)
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