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pcsx2 1.6.0
the capability of the emulator to emulate the lighning\particle\smoke effects is increased enormly , infact now i can play at 2k games like the sly cooper trilogy and the ratchet e clank saga with only a small amount of drops of the frames, and in sly 2 and 3 i can use the render direct3d 11 with only a 1% of textures corruption in the zone of the hp hud and in the part of the binocular's hud were the symbol of the character is dislplayed, i hope and think that with one or two updates even those problems will be solved Laugh , basically the problems are still few fps drops while processing the particle effects, and some little emulation problems with games like jak 2 and 3 (in jak 2 some textures tend to be corrupted or just don't appear as they should when you are close to it, and in jak 3 where you are in the desert the texture of the sand is a bit strange, basically there isn't any transition effect from the most detailed sand that you see when you are close to it and the one you see when you are dinstant from it)

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