pcsx2 4k big problem!!!
hi, i have a new very modern 4k screen monitor and i have a problem that i see everything of pcsx2 in small.
the buttons, the settings, and its very annoying.
even when i click config then emulation setting.. i dont see the tabs of the setting like they go off the screen and i cannot switch between them,
sometimes the same problem but in below when i try to click "apply" of "ok" or "cancel" i dont see the buttons.

can anyone help me?
i even attached two url of pictures of the problem.

its the same problem when i use even the original 4k res like 3840*2160.
when i use the full hd res there are no problems at all.

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Can't you resize the window?
no, there is no why to resize. only to minimize
And resizing also doesn't change font size.
Sorry so far there is no solution. One would need to dynamically scale the main window including fonts which is currently not implemented.
It looks like you have increased the size of text, apps and other elements in your windows display settings.
If that's true then try to set it back to 100%, log off and on again and see if that helps.
[Image: 2zgc2fc.png]
the recommended size is 300%, i tried already everything with that percent's and nothing helped.
if i change the percent to low then the icons become very small.. the smaller the percent the smaller pcsx2 buttons and text..
only have one higher then 300% is 350% but no difference.
Still 100% means no zoom. You might want to use the windows inbuilt screen magnifier to see the GUI.
If you go higher than 100% you get overlap of gui elements since font size and control size don't match.
On my screen (1080p) i can set the size to a max value of 175% but even if everything gets really big, i don't have this problem with PCSX2.
There must be something else, that is causing this. Maybe the monitor driver or gpu driver but i don't think so. All other things on your screenshots seem to scale just fine.

I have no idea what's wrong. Is there any way to make the windows resizeable (an option in the PCSX2_ui.ini or something llike that)?
300% is still far from 175%
maybe silversonic is right! there is need to be way to change the window size of pcsx2.. i tried to change some values of size in the pcsx2_ui.ini file but nothing changed the size.

if there is any solution please! i don't want to click always tab in the keyboard just to skip to the apply button that is below the screen
when i change some setting..
the only solution for me now is by changing the res to full hd.
must be something else.

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