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pcsx2 HD config

i saw on internet/youtube that some people managed to set dragon quest viii in hd ( example :

how can i set it like that? i tried with some guide but nothing changed , there is a good tutorial somewere?


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[Image: newsig.jpg]
yes i checked this guide i set it but i still have "the normal ps2 graphic" i dont understand what i need to set up specify :\ , i also got some audio problem in some moments its sound strange like distorted

Can you give your features of computerSadRam, processor,graphics card)
distorted come nany time because your computer isn't strong enough
RAM = 4gb
Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
Video: ati radeon hd 1gb 5700 series


i started to get some decent graphic but i still have audio problem any idea?
it is very good

have you OCed that CPU
How many FPS have you when you run dragon quest?

50fps is the maximale for PAL
60Fps is the maximale for NTSC

When you game is slow then the music get slow and it make sound weird

Try with the Original native PS2 resolution,if it's change something?

Like abdo123 said OverClock your CPU.
It's your only choice if you don't want buy a new one
Look in the bios if you can .GOOD LUCK

May the Force be with you
with what i suppose to overclock my cpu? (any free program?) and how much?

oh you don't know what OCing mean !

you probably shouldn't OC then

it isn't an easy thing you know
yeah im nuub in this things xd

anyway i fixed someway all stuffs, its only laggy sometimes in big zones

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