pcsx2 all versions problem???
helllo guys i might be new to this forums but i got a hell of a problem running pcsx2 <all versions> .
i have toshiba satellite with core i3 processor with 4 cpu ,directx11 installed ,6GB ram & 683GB hard disc. i have both pcsx2 0.9.8 & 1.0 installed and i also have gsdx plugin that is compatible with directx10 (couldn't find one compatible with dx11) , i followed pcsx2 official guide so
i dumpded the iso file from the game cd with DVD decryptor to the desktop folder and i opened pcsx2 and swiched into iso mode and then i chose the iso file that i dumped but when i start the iso by system>boot cdvd (fast or full) a white blank small screen comes after a while it stops responding and the log window stops at this text( Opening plugins...
Opening GS
Opening PAD
Opening SPU2
so is there any way that i can over come this problem.......

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couple of things.

What graphics card do you have? You can check this by typiing "dxdiag" in the start/blob search box and pressing enter, then go to the Display tab.
Can you show us a picture of the configuration of your SPU2 plugin if "Opening SPU2" is the last thing in your list?
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