pcsx2 and FFX crashing
I got pcsx2, torrented some bios for a playstation 2, got final fantasy 10 because I was looking up fun games to play out of sheer boredom, mind you I got all the files and stuff not the disc, I heard this one had a great storyline. So far it wasn't too bad. It ran splendidly until the first time you play a blitzball game I stunk at it and now hate blitzball and wanted to vindictively get back at the game by cheating a little and got some pre made pnach files and put them in the cheats folder. All of a sudden when I hit enable cheats then reboot fulldvd like i always did it would either freeze and not do anything without not responding or I did the fast dvd one and it would make it to the title screen then completely freeze. one time I got to get to play on the third try and it froze the minute I got to go to the next cutscene, I got to play for two seconds. I removed the cheats and put them in the pre-existing pnach file thinking that was the issue but not so much. Maybe I have to remove them altogether, I don't really care about cheating this game I was just being grumpy at the game over the crap blitzball game.

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Quote:torrented some bios for a playstation 2

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