pcsx2 and Xlink kai compatability?
hi all first post. for those of u who are unaware ps2 games can be play online with xlink if the games original servers were taken down. i just wanted to know if pcsx2 emulator is compatably with xiLink because i dont have a adaptor for my fat ps2 and i dont want to spend money on a slim. so i was gonna use pcsx2 and hamichi to get online then xlink to connect to private game servers and play. game is jak x combat racing. here is a link to xalink if u dont know what im talking about. ive sent them eamils reguarding this question but they arent responding. thanks for the help.

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Last I heard PCSX2 does not support Xlink or rather Xlink doesn't support Xlink.
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(07-05-2013, 10:41 PM)fade2black001 Wrote: Xlink doesn't support Xlink.
i dont understand that statement. can u please explain what you mean by that.
I meant to say Xlink doesn't support PCSX2
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Xlink is absolutely best supported on your native ps2.
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thanks guys u saved me alot of download time Smile
Last I checked jak x is broken in pcsx2 anyway, so regardless of if pcsx2 supported/has support from xlink, you wouldnt have been able to use it for the game in question anyway.
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