pcsx2 and synthetic benchmarks ??
To which synthetic benchmark or real performance tests can PCSX2 be compared ?

For instance from the following links:

Since i am about to buy new AMD cpu, i really would like to know which one would perform as nearly good as the "e8400/e8600" in PCSX2.

I am particularily interested in the X3 720 BE (2.8, three cores, black edition) since it's the best price/performance choice and interestingly overclockable (3.7ghz and 3.9 Vcore change),
but i am afraid that someday a quad core will be needed, any rumors about coders going in that direction ?

Lastly i would like to know, what impact the lacking of ssse3 and sse4.1 have on speed ?

i have been following the emulation's scene since 2000, and i just can't thank the community enough for keeping our dreams and hopes at arm's reach all this time Smile

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PCSX2 only uses 2 cores, no matter if you have more or not. so getting a high dualcore would be the BEST way to go.
(03-11-2009, 11:38 PM)Saiki Wrote: PCSX2 only uses 2 cores, no matter if you have more or not. so getting a high dualcore would be the BEST way to go.

yes, thx, i know that the best cpu recommendation pcsx2 users are giving is the Intel C2D e8400/8600, but i am trying to build a "cheap" amd system that will run pcsx2 adequately, this why i am asking all these questions.
why AMD?
E5200 best choice
new amd athlon x2 775 will have almost the same price and perfomance (non OC) except lacking SSSE3 support. None of AMD x3 and x4 solutions are nearly comparable in price and framerates i get with my E5200 on a budget motherboard and CPU OCed to 3.52 GHz. You will never get this high with budget AMD (65nm vs 45nm) and even if so - stock cooler will be not much help.
AMD is not for PCSX2, bare with it
PS only facts, i'm AMD fan
@tenow : seems you miss something about news on website, how well AMD PHenom2 x4 or x3 to be overclock (6.7ghz) and how well about performance and prices and x3 can be unlocked become 4 core.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
phenom 2 x3/x4 can overclock towards ~4ghz on air on average. They are a great deal for gaming performance in general if you can't afford a solution such as an i7.
in my situation the X3 720 BE is the best AMD cpu i can afford.
based on a lot of benchmarks overall performances of the X3 is real good but according to the results of this link:
,an X4 940 is beating by far q6600 on wheatstone (floating points), but it's on equal foot when it's dealing with dhrystone (integer), this means that the X3 doing integer is behind a Q6600.

what i fear is that pcsx2 is actually dealing with mips instructions, and i heard somewhere that the dhrystone was intended to benchmark that kind of stuff, well i am no pro, it's just a guess..

since i decided to upgrade my rig on the sole purpose to play pcsx2, i will rather be disapointed if i have bad fps, especially since i saw a benchmark of an e8400 beating th X3 on dhrystone test by far..

i hope that the dhrystone test isn't refelcting pcsx2 performances in some way.
E8x00 would still be better than a phenom II X3/X4, or even i7 in PCSX2, simply because E0 revision of that lineup will overclock to not just 4ghz, but ~4.5ghz on air, where as you'll only get an i7 or phenom II to about 4ghz on air.

Then again, any of those CPUs at 4ghz is enough for most games in PCSX2, and in other applications they will be faster than E8x00.
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here is the link that shows how the e8400 beats the x3 720 in the sandra dhrystone test:

well if the reason why the e8x00 series are shining on pcsx2 is in the results of the dhrystone test (integer), then i will definitely go for the e8400 E0 or e8500.
well supposing that this is the reason and giving the fact that "two cores" being a limitation on pcsx2, then a core to core comparison on this test will be a perfect answer.
or maybe if there is a simple formula which can give the ratio/contribution of a single core in a multicore cpu, if there is then the answer is already here:
Actually, there might be benefits (possibly big, possibly not) to having a more-than-2-core in the possibly-near-possibly-far future of PCSX2. Maybe.

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