pcsx2 beta 1190 is great!!!
i gotta say it's amazing !! with the new option VU cycle stealing i can smoothly play God of War 1&2 (yes i own em) and MGS3 etc
with other previous versions of PCSX2 it was running very slow
no big deal for Intel CPU's which everyone knows they work best with PCSX2, but considering how it runs GoW so good on my crap Athlon X2 6000+, i was amazed!!Biggrin

man PCSX2 team are amazing! great progress!Biggrin
wohoo! so excited

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Yes GOW 2 work correctly now in PAL version .. But the 1 always the black screen before chronos :/
how high did you set the VU cycle stealing? no skipping too much?

also love the current beta, my fighting games are also somewhat faster now (zero gs now works woth kof xi)
Intel E2180 @ 2.67Ghz
Nvidia GeForce 9600GT @ 730/1110/1785
1x2 GB Patriot LLK 800Mhz 4-4-4-10

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