pcsx2 beta r-1888 is working with K1 WGP 2006 and i need configure help
i configured pcsx2
at graphics i used ZeroGS 0.97.1
at sound i used ZeroSPU2
at bios i used japan v 2.00
on menu the speed is good,but when i enter in ring,the maxim speed is 12 fps and the screen is grey
i don't know to configure the ZeroGS,who can help me???
maybe with the optimum configure,the game may work normaly

here is the video:
in this video i had 7-12 fps with beta r-1888 in game
now i have pcsx2 pre-alpha 0.9.7 2052 with few option and in game i have 20 fps
from 12 to 20 in just 2 days,thanks to all who make this emulator
my specs : dual core 2,5 ghz,2 gb ram,ati hd 3400

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Use GSdx it's almost always faster than ZeroGS.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
with GSdx 1888 it's not working or with other GSdx
i need the best settings on ZeroGS
You can try playing around with the ZeroGS advanced settings, but nothing else you can do. ZeroGS has various bugs with lots of games so it might be impossible to get rid of the errors you're encountering
[Image: newsig.jpg]
if you don't say nothing about zerogs option,means you don't know best settings
i don't know,with zerogs ai see the menu of game,with gsdx i don't see the menu
K1 2005 has the same problem
just K1 2003 it works verry well,but the roster it not so great(has many japanese fighters)and the gameplay it's not so good
i'll wait other graphic plugin
Just a heads up... there are thousands of PS2 games... That includes different regions, slightly different version, etc etc. There are (with the different plugins and emulator options) probably close to a hundred different settings that can be played with.

That said, there is no way that any one person has every possible optimizal configuration for every single PS2 game. Trial and error is going to be your friend when running PCSX2, and that isn't likely to change anytime soon.

If GSDx isn't working at all for you, then chances are you don't have an up to date directX. Download the august redistribution (google it) and see if GSDx works then as it is still by far your best bet. There are only a very select few games that work better with ZZogl, and even fewer where zeroGS works better.
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i have direct x 9 august version(100mb instaler)on xp sp2 and direct x 10 with dxweb runtime,direct x redistribuable 2008 and 2010 on windows 7
GSdx is working well on other games,but i'm a K1 fan
i know that every game to work well must change more or a little the options
i open this thread because i hope somebody to help me,not now,but in time with an pcsx2 version or a graphic plugin
K1 is unique on gameplay,with one kick or punch you can make your opponent k.o. and if the opponent remain without stamina,it's not game over

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