pcsx2 bios prob
Hi i am getting this and i cant run a game . what should i do ?


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downloading bios from the net is illegal
in addition you're using the alpha stage build of pcsx2 that supposed NOT to be
support here

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anyway is there any way to fix it ? i have used and the original files but they are not working
For starters make a Bios dump and try with an official build http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-8317.html
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i have the official and it works but with this revision it doesnt
first, dump your bios from your ps2 using the guide http://www.pcsx2.net/guide.php
then try again with latest public beta
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it works with R1888 and with 0.9.6 only with that revision it doesnt works :/
This is an unofficial version of pcsx2,therefore its obsolete.
r1888 is most stable and everything works
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well,get some fresh bios files.and try.may be the .nvm file is corrupted.So delete the bios files u downloaded right now.
How to get fresh bios files?
legal ans:buy a ps2 or borrow a ps2 from ur brother and use official guide to extract bios.Careful about every steps.because failure can lead ur machine break.And first you have to mod your ps2.I dont know how.just google it.Its ur best frnd.Or go to a market where ps2 sells and tell them to mod ur ps2.

Ilegal ans:I DONOT KNOW.

P.S. use 1888.
Theres just no point of using this alpha version.Its pointless
I'm inactive on this, dedicating most of my time to osu!

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