pcsx2 black screen
Hey Forum members,

I was wondering if you could help me. small problem. so I tried booting up a pretty rare game. well, I mean a game not many people have probably tested. The Urbz Sims in the city. and when I run it I get a completely black screen and nothing happens. but according to the pcsx2 compatibility list it is fully playable. I have tried using several different plugins but with no luck. The only time I get a bit of progress is when I disable the speedhacks completely. it boots to the first language select screen but after I select English it locks up. I have tried using both software and hardware render but no luck so far. can anyone help me please? Thanks

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Ummm you overrate "playable" status, it simply mean you can with some work pass the whole game even if it would work at 1fps. Soo it's not really always "fully playable" in hands of a player. It's possibly you need to use interpreter for it(which is uber slow), play in software(which can be slow depending on what you have), or experiment with rounding and clamping modes.

I have no experience with this game, but by some old bug report I googled, the game works only in software mode. Soo try changing renderer to software in GSdx. Depending on what you have expect it to be slow;P.
hmmm I tried the software render before and it didnt work anyways, but even if it did it would be too slow to even bother playing. so i guess there's another game I cant play heh. no matter, I'll find something else lol

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