pcsx2 configuration to play valkyrie profile 2
hi! i need help configuring my pcsx2 to play valkyrie profile 2. i have experimented on it many times and can't get it to work at good speed. it's always 30 fps at solde town at the beginning of the game and drops to 16 fps when in lost forest. pls help me configure coz i want to play the game badly. thanks!

Here are my pc specs:
CPU- Intel core2duo q8200
RAM- 4gb Kingston (2x2gb)
Video Card- Nvidia geforce 9600gt

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GSdx options
-Native res
-uncheck 8 bit textures

-tri-ace games, gamefix

-clamping none

-2x cycle rate
-INTC sync hack
-Enable IOP x2 Cycle Rate
-Idle Loop Fast-Forward

everything else set to default.

at least thats how i play it at full speed, but still you will get graphical glitches in the woods ( just run past em ), and ocasionaly you will get strange vertical half visible lines. Also you will have to turn off speedhacks when some video occurs, or else it will get choppy.
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You wont get full speed in VP2 all the time unless you overclock your CPU, it's a pretty demanding game. You should be getting more than 30fps for sure tho try the config nataq01 said while using the latest beta.

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1.)as nataq01 said follow that config in addition try set VU cycle stealing to "Moderate"
2.)lost forest is a graphic bug once you're in the dungeon it will be fine.
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I have a problem with VP2 (its the undub version).
it seems that pcsx2 cant boot it, there is just a black screen after loading the iso. and yes, I have enabled the gamefix for tri-ace games / VU hack. Just that black screen.
I played SO3 without problems, btw.

Im using the latest plugins / r1888. I also tried to change gsdx but nothing works...
I dont think its something with the undub version, cause I've seen that some people played that without problems.
Any help would be much apreciated!
Undub is a modifeied version of the game, for all we know it just wont work for PCSX2... unless you have the same problem with the original disc we cant help you.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
hm, thats very strange...
This is the post I mentioned before (that guy seems to have played the undub version successfully):

I also tried that hack from rama in that topic but no luck. and the undub versions of SO3 and tales of the abyss worked perfectly fine for me too.
Oh well, I will try the original usa-ntsc version later then, thanks.

ok, the original us-ntsc works perfectly fine. guess I have to play this one then.
hello, i've been trying to play this, and the fps is pretty much almost great.

the bigger problem is there is a scaling problem during dungeons (where the sword can be swung)
and only if there are no "press circle to open" like messages on screen.
There is this bar on the underside which flattens the rest of my image.
It looks horrible cause i like my women tall.

I'm using the latest installer package of pcsx, 1888.
and yes native resolution fixes the problem, but makes the game look like total sh!t.

Is there any fix? and the fix shown in the other thread is for an old gsdx version, so how can i compile this for the newest? (i have no experience at this, but i'm not a retard)

hurr durr
The newer SVN revisions of GSdx have a scaling function that works well with Valkyrie Profile 2 (I use 2x scaling for VP2 in GSdx r2150) and it gets rid of the bar at the bottom, there's no pubic version of it so you can either google it around or compile it yourself as links to them are not allowed here and well you cant really expect support for those Tongue

Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
at the moment i have gsdx r2169, but the scaling option you are talking about it nowhere to be found. has it been removed?

gonna experiment a little bit more and report back in.

thank you m'lady

For other people out there, this version r2169 of the gsdx can be found on google.

it has a new function for 2x, 4x, or 8x the internal resolution. if set to 2x the bar will disapear!

now that i think about it, that's what m'lady meant by scaling.

hurr durr ;/

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