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pcsx2 conflicts with utorrent?
When I running pcsx2 with utorrent in background, pcsx freezes from time to time and with time lead to crash of utorrent. I don't see this with any other program - emule etc. All programs latest, Win 7 x64.

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Something is wrong with your system, PCSX2 has absolutely no connection with utorrent.
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utorrent has issues in recent versions. I've had reports of it hanging in a totally unkillable state on Win7/vista, and on my own XP laptop here it likes to break WinXP's ability to shot down or let me log out into another user account.

(It seems like it behaves nicer when I killed off the IPv6 support and uninstalled the IPv6 drivers, tho that's not a totally encouraging solution at this time).
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
Well if it matters, works perfectly on my server pc (1.8.5) Other versions could be unstable (and are expected to be)
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