pcsx2 crash
I run PCSX2 on ubuntu 20.04, integrated GPU HD630, i5-9600K. Everything work fine but when I set for 4K the game crash after loading (photo attached) even when set for the lower 720p the game stutters (>720p and worst). Let me know if anyone of you need more info. Maybe someone has same issue here? Thx

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1- which game ?
2-an integrated hd 630 probably won't be enough to run pcsx2 in 4k
3-you are using an outdated pcsx2 version. Please update
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
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1. Any game. Mortal Kombat, Fifa 2012, DragonBall Z - Infinite World etc
2. It should in my opinion. Isn't?
3. Already updated (1.7.0), same issue.

Upgraded GPU to GTX1660S. ALL games works perfect!

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