pcsx2 disc loading error ?
Even if the admins sayd i have no chance in running pcsx2 full speed at my specs i did it...but now i have a different problem.

I start pcsx2>Iso Selector>Boot Full when the game should appear it appears that ps2 memory card things..why the game is not starting? i mean on nun5 is working but in nun4/gow 2 is still making it...sorry for bad english and please help if you know the answerSmile

I'm using pcsx2 0.9.9

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use Boot(fast) instead of full
if still persists show us the entire console log or the emulog.txt.

what is nun4??
naruto shippuden UN-4(can be called as naruto shippuden ultimate accel in japanese)
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Well that worked i can run the games now but because of "Run Fast" that really slows down from 60fps to 30fps...
Run fast doesn't slow it down, its either due to your specs or you have vsync on
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vsync? what is this ? well,if that does not slow down why it worked before at full speed ?
Vsync will slow it down to 30 if you can't manage 60 fps, should be in the gs settings. If not we need to know your specs and any settings you're using. But I must say gow2 is very demanding and needs a fast system and 3 or more CPU cores for full speed.
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Well ,
Processor 3.20GHz
System :AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core processor 4200+
Another man said that won't run any game at full speed...but with some work i made it to full speed at any game.Before gow2 worked full 60fps in scenes and 40-45fps in-game.
but today when i tried to start pcsx2 i got that memory card thing and with fast run its 40fps cutscenes and max 20 in-game

I am using : Pcsx2 rev King Todd21
Yeh its a little weak that CPU, by putting the speedhack sliders up you might gain a bit of speed, don't go mad with them tho Smile
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I am using : Pcsx2 rev King Todd21 <--WTH is that? We don't support random hacked builds of the emulator (which is illegal too).
Use the latest release from our site if you want to get support here.
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well i didn't know its not one of yours versions...since at the download link said Ohmyfficial from pcsx2.net....
I got 0.9.8 and its working 40fps but now i have another question...
How to play with Trust joystick on pcsx2?Smile

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