pcsx2 disc loading error ?
So if it said from jesus christ you'd believe that? Tongue
You just configure it in lilypad as you did with your keyboard
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Well when i do it it don't accept my sticks...thats what i mean...how to make pcsx2 accept my sticks
Your... sticks?

USB sticks?

Game controller sticks?

Paddle Pop Sticks? (That was a joke)

Explain, please.
hmm....controller sticks...u know left stick right stick...i don't know how to set it,if i simply move it it won't appear
I'm too tired to explain how to assign stick axises. It's 2:22 AM...

Basically, you set horizontal and vertical on each stick by clicking on the option inside the plugin. I assume you've opened the plugin, and set SQUARE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, and CROSS? Well there should also be tabs to bind the sticks.

Generally, you click on which axis you want to set: such as "horizontal" for left stick. Then you move the stick left or right. Then you repeat for "vertical", and move stick up or down.
i didn't understand anything..
Have you set any controls inside the plugin? Which plugin are you using? I'm patient. I'll help you work this out if I can.

Tell me more about how you tried to configure the controller with PCSX2.
Open PCSX2 --> Config --> Plugin/BIOS Selector --> PAD Plugin : Set it to Lilypad --> Click Configure beside it. Under Game API's tick all the threes / four options.

Goto PAD1 and click a button, say "Left (Left Analog)" and then rotate the left Analog Stick to the Left. It should appear. If not, then
  • Is your joystick recognized by Windows. Make sure the connections are perfect and drivers are installed.

  • Does your Joystick appear under Device Diagonostics under LilyPad.
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Yes i can play fifa,pes 2012 with it
Yes,it appears...
i'm using that default lilypad..i tried make pad1 for joytstick everything works except the sticks,i don't get it xD
do you have like an "analogue" button on the pad like the PS2 pad has? If so you're gonna need to turn it on ;p
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