pcsx2.exe has stopped working
Hi,the problem is when i slect no disc in cdvd tab & boot cdvd full or fast & go to system configuration or browser.when i press esc key & try to shutdown pcsx2.it stop responding & a message pop up pcsx2.exe has stopped working.a problem caused program to not work properly (something like that).note-i have no problem with official version 1.0.0 r5350.but it giving me problems in God Of War,so i uninstalled it & download latest svn.it's 5603 now.u can see other details below in my signature,thanks!!!

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May be you run out RAM or may be your laptop can't handle that game. Is pcsx2 become slow when you hover or click menu on pcsx2 GUI?
May be you run out RAM or may be your laptop can't handle that game. Is pcsx2 become slow when you hover or click menu on pcsx2 GUI?
Preet, besides not being correctly formatted to be a bug report, the other general prescriptions for general users apply. Tell us what is PCSX2 configuration in there, whatever changes in the ini files defaults invalidate a post as bug report till the test is attempted under normal config. That's valid for speedhacks and whatever other change at the GUI config also.

Even if the games become unplayable due to machine (lack) of power, that's the way to test.

Since I didn't test the last SVN revision yet I can't tell if something got wrong in there, but something says already these previous attempts at messing with basic base defaults was not going to end well.

Anyway, there is proper requisites to create a bug report and a sticky thread explaining what is needed.

PS: On the other side I have seen more than one report on newer SVN builds going wrong but in all them was something related to Dev9 plugin, please look at your log if it appears there as possible cause.
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Most likely user error, nobody else is having this issue. moving to general support.

Edit: from recent posts, you probably have the same issue as this: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Error-with-SVN
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No,u all not understanding.all games working great on my pc.i'm trying to say when i select no disc & boot ps2 configuration & try to shutdown it.it stop responding.btw no need of it.i just post to let u all know,so u can fix this.btw no problem with games,memory cards or anything Smile

Edit-The problem with god of war was when i was fighting with Giant Minatour boss,he throw me away & camera was going in opposite direction.now also same with latest svn.i think it's the game as it is.because when he throw me backward of him,camera move to opposite direction & i can't see him.
Sorry just figured out the problem.the problem was speedhacks.i disabled them & now working fine.i was talking about ps2 system configuration,not about games i play.when u select no disc in cdvd & boot real playstation & when i pressed esc key & select shutdown,it was stop responding.now everything fine,sorry i was so fast to make a new thread.btw can anyone tell me what is option of diagnose in system configuration when u press triangle button?

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