pcsx2 f*cked up glitch
this is a wierd glitch, when I play, it goes slow, and the wierd part is that it has sooooo much cpu to take up (and it is free cpu space)

so if anyone can tell me how I can get it to take up more cpu to go faster (because it seems to go faster when it takes up more cpu)

alittle bit of info: 18% cpu=25 fps (in my case) and the game is f*kin 60 fps like most games

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Most likely means your video card can't keep up.

Information such as the game, your CPU & video card, and graphics settings would make it easier to tell.
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When you say 18%, do you mean CPU % in the pcsx2 window? Or in task manager?

If it only says 18% in PCSX2's window, that actually means that your CPU is way too slow. If you're only getting 18% showing up in CPU usage in task manager, that means your graphics card is so bad, your CPU doesn't have anything to do.
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What are your specs? And yes, your limited by one or the other, depending on which 'CPU Usage' you're talking about.
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Have a warning for misusing the bug report forum.
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