pcsx2 freezing on startup
i am using pcx2 ver 0.98

my laptop is hp pavilion dv 6 running windows 7 pro 32 bit

in the past i was running a different windows and was playing final fantasy x. after a few months the emulator used to crash during gameplay and the crash took down my windows with it

i then finshed final fantasy x and played x-2. i have playing it for a few months with no problems. then suddenly the emulator started crashing just after i say "boot cdvd fast". what normally happens is the frame rate reaches 60 and the game starts. now sometimes after i boot the game the frame rate is getting stuck at 0 or another number, the game doesn't start and the emulator crashes :-(

i set the graphics plugin to directx 3d 11 hardware mode

i turned on speedhacks and set ee cycle rate to 2 in order to stop emulator from crashing midway

all the rest of settings the same

what can i do to stop crashing before game loads?

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post your emulog.txt after the crashes.
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it's the log just before the game starts but the problem is the game is sometimes not starting. the frame rate is getting stuck at 0, the emulator freezes and the freeze sometimes messes up my pc
Sounds like your issue may be relative to your hardware,
or perhaps the software that controls it (the driver).

My first instinct is the GPU.
Is it integrated?
Is it an Intel unit...?
Is it a Radeon.....?

But why would games no longer crash midway when you enable/increase Speedhacks...?
Just making a judgement from a distance,
but it kinda sounds like the reduction of load is what prevents in-game crashes...

You ever monitor your hardware during such activity?
Like-- does your CPU or GPU get hot, or heavily loaded...?
And can they withstand their relative stress tests.....?

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