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pcsx2 freezing
(05-26-2010, 11:34 PM)Hozuka Wrote: i got my iso, it works, but when i start it i get an "EROM NOT FOUND" error.. seriously? what the f*ck! i want to play my god damn game already but this stupid thing keeps getting screwed up one way or another.. can anyone give me any REAL help???!

Sigh... erom not found is not an error, shouldn't affect you one bit.

I suggest you take some anger management sessions, that should cover for the REAL help you need.

Quote:Edit: Update.. i changed absolutely NOTHING on it and i keep getting a "error opening CDVD plugin"

So... you had an error all along and you didn't think it was relevant to mention?

Ok, anyway make sure the ISO is not mounted in any other program, you mentioned PowerISO earlier and I'm assuming it's mounted there so try to unmount it first as it was suggested before.

Just by the way, you don't seem to have a powerful PC so I don't think you'll be happy with the results even if you get it to work anyway.
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yeah sorry for the rage.. uhh.. i think i've gotten the cdvd thing fixed.. maybe it was the bios i was using.. besides that i got everything right.. like when i start the game, i see a bunch of bluish lines of "initialize ______"

then i saw something peculiar.. it said "MEC File not found, creating blank file" what does that mean?

edit: power iso ha everything unmounted.. tried it before mounting and after mounting, made no difference.

edit#2: i keep on trying and trying.. i've dumped my bios into the darn thing, i've downloaded the plugins that were mentioned on the guide.. i've done all i can.. this is useless now -.-.. im about ready to give up. ok so i've been trying every possible combination of plugins possible but no matter what the thing keeps freezing and crashing before the game even starts. it loads everything all fine but i cant get anything out of it.. it just keeps crashing
You haven't configured the emulator properly.
Start by posting pics of your configuration panel and listing the plugins you use and their settings.
You should be using GSdx as GS plugin set to DX10 HW renderer.
If you're trying to run an ISO image of your game you should be using Linuz ISO as CDVD plugin.
If you're trying to run a DVD disc you should set Gigaherz CDVD as CDVD plugin and configure it to read from the correct drive letter.
If your settings are not being saved and/or you get error creating memcard, you better read the FAQ.

You should also be more polite and calm, everyone here is offering volunteer help and owes you nothing.
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uhh, i think i got the image on here all right. those are the plugins im using atm.. any further help will be appreciated

what did you mean by "set it to dx10 hw renderer"?

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Press configure and change DirectX 9 (Hardware) to DirectX 10 (Hardware) from the dropdown
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You really should NOT be using the DEV9 driver plugin by Gigaherz (which I got no idea where you got from). That is what's causing your crashes probably.
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what dev9 driver should i use? and i just got this from my friend.. he put the entire thing in a folder, and copied it to a flash drive for me to paste onto my pc.. dont worry, i got the thing installed legit now.
The null one that comes with the official package. We won't support the stuff your friend gives you.
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i looked on your guide and i saw a "megadev9" plugin.. or w/e. im using it atm, the v1.0.1 one.. it worked but the game is a bit like.. laggy, like the audio sounds like its slowed down. should i use the 1.0.0 version? or the null version??

and can i get some info on the "slow" feeling? i know it may be my graphics but can it be something different?
I said you should use the null are free to use whatever you want but stop asking me for advice if you're going to use other stuff Tongue
Slowness can be anything. Without your settings and PC specs I can't help there.
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