pcsx2-git fails to compile on arch [6/18/19]

Gets to around 28% then errors out with error code 2

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We're going to need your system details, distro, ect to help you out Smile
Yep, using cutting edge compilers that are still buggy is a bad idea. Any time you see a segmentation fault from gcc when you are trying to comiple it, that's a gcc issue, because no matter what the code, gcc should never crash when compiling. when it says:
cc1plus: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
Please submit a full bug report,
with preprocessed source if appropriate.
See <https://bugs.archlinux.org/> for instructions.
that's not a bug report with us it's asking for!

In this case, it sounds like arch needs to apply this patch to gcc:

Even with that crash, I believe it still crashes if you enable LTO when compiling with that version of gcc. In any case, I'd recommend compiling with a version of gcc below 9.0... (Or clang generally compiles properly...)

Its Arch, But i get what your saying. Would it be worth me just to use a flatpak build for now until that bug is fixed in an update of gcc?
Oh, the patch shouldn't be particular to any distribution, I just happened to be pointing to Gentoo's copy.

A flatpak would likely work, but I saw that you said you were able to compile it after downgrading to gcc 8.3. What you might do is keep both versions of gcc on your computer and just switch which one the default is if you need to recompile at some point. In arch, I think you'd do that by installing the versions of gcc you want from the AUR, then switching around symbolic links in /usr/local/bin/gcc and /usr/local/bin/g++ to point to the right versions. (And Ubuntu's got an 'update-alternatives' command that basically does that for you,,,)


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