pcsx2 has to close error
when i chose the open cd/dvd option it opens the search thing bu then says it has encountered a problem and needs to close. how do i fix this? i am trying to open a game rom of the computor not a game disk. do i have to use a different option for it? its says rom1 not found then rom 2 not found then erom not found in red

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rom1, rom2 and erom errors can be ignored, they're unnecessary files that are bound to the BIOS, just ignore those.
If you want to use ISO files, go into the config screen and set the CDVD plugin to "Linuz Iso CDVD" and then configure that plugin to use the ISO of the game you want to play. Then when you click "File > Run CD/DVD" the game should load.
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More info like what are your settings and a screenshot of the problem might help. make sure the ISO isnt mounted in other program.
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ok thanks it should work now

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