pcsx2 is a lot slower in SW mode
Since the introduction of HW mipmapping, pcsx2 has gone a lot slower in SW mode.  I don't know what the cause might be, but can someone look into this?

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The introduction of the Mipmapping regardless has made the emulator more accurate, and because its accurate software mode requires more immediate power, So by my reasoning It will continue to get slower until it gets to a point where they can make it faster by optimization. It might be a regression or it might be that the addition of mipmapping has made the hardware requirements just the bit higher to slow you down. But again. Like all software it must get slower before it can get faster.
Not possible. HW mipmapping only impact the HW code. However I did some fixes on the SW renderer that could impact the speed. However you need to find the first bad version on the buildbot and give me some number of what you mean by lot slower.
It's unlikely that HW mode getting mipmapping made software mode slower, it was probably another change. Can you pinpoint exactly when it slowed down?

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