pcsx2 is hatin on me (windows 7 pcsx2 not runnin issue)
how are you doin everyone?Smile
well,the issue goes this way :
my system is windows 7 64 bit,my processor is intel core i5.
the pcsx2 doesnt save my settings,and when i try to reload the bios and plugins(the plugins and bios folders) the plugins look blank,and it doesnt reload the bios (blank at the plugins lists),and when i try to run resident evil code veronica,this message appears
[Image: afikqc.png]
hope you guyz can help me

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i solved the issue,the zipped version doesnt really work at win 7 64 bit (at least on my lap top),so i had to download the installed version and take the bios that i've put on my zipped version at my main pc to the bios folder of the installed version.
hope this helps anyone whos havin the same problem as i had
unless u like to keep your images in a lot of folders, this looks like a pirated iso to me.
Also why the heck is your windows 7 in mirror image ???
Next time use PCSX2 0.9.7.

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