pcsx2 is too slow
hii i'll give u the example...
in fifa 09 when i choose the teams the game is in regular speed,
but when i start playing it becomse too slow
my computer is great///
3.00 gb of ram
NVIVDIA GeForce 9500 GT\
2.33 GHz
can u tell me why its happening??
and tell me what to do?

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Use the PCSX2 beta : http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-3716.html
And the GSdx beta in the sticky thread for some speed increase
Also try using speed hacks. Your computer is not great for PCSX2
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You don't say whether your processor is an intel or athlon or what model... whether it's a single core, dual core, etc.

That said, most 3d games will have slow down if your computer is below 3.0ghz dual core. And some really intensive games need 3.5+ (less for an intel i7). So like to hear it or not, your computer is going to be too slow to get full speed on most 3d games.
Your computer isn't great.
Use Speed Hacks if you can and try other advanced options in lastest beta.
intel C2D 2,2 Ghz
GF 9600 GT
3 Gb ram
i get 60 fps in games usually ex : God of War 1, 2 Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4...

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