pcsx2 keeps crashing
i have version 0.9.6 and i only play ffx on it. my pc specs are an amd athlon 5000+ 2.6 ghz duel core, nvdia n250gts, 3.1 gb ram and a sound blaster sound card. i have played ffx with very few problems (an occasional crash) but nothin that was a big problem. now i have 65 hours on the game and it will not let me pass a certain part. i do have lag issues but i just deal with them. i put on the skip frame when it goes below 38 fps. i have tried to configure it all sorts of ways so it doesnt crash. plz help and thanks.

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Avoid that certain part until you can tell which part it is Smile

If I remember correctly that game was playable from start to end for me, but I have seen reports regarding problems in some situations.

Actually there are some active threads about those problematic parts, maybe yours is a similar problem and maybe they have a solution already.

Anyway you should try the 0.98, 0.96 is too old and most situations it performed better than newer versions are gone by now.
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you are correct. i now have version 9.8 and the game works great. actually works tons better. i still have a lil fps issues during vidoes but the game play is tons better no lag at all. i was at a part where i couldnt progress unless i went there but im passed it now. (i was finding yuna in the al bhed "home".) im now on the air ship and ima tweak the config a lil and try to get my movie fps higher. but thank you anyways.

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