pcsx2 keymapping
I'm fairly new to pcsx2. I have it installed, and I've gotten it to run my KH1 disc (so much more convenient than playing on the dusty old PS2). I have just a few questions:

1. Can I map the save/restore state functions to buttons? That is, can I hit F1 to save and F2 to restore (for example)?

2. Is there a "fast-forward" button? I've used this in other emulators to quickly go through repetitious battles and such.

Thanks a ton. My daughter's really excited to play KH1, and I just want the mechanics of using the software to be as simple as possible.

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1) No.
2) If your PC is fast enough you can turn off frame limiting with the Tab/F4 keys for turbo limiter and no limiter.
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Thanks! KH1 seems to run pretty quickly, so I'll try the Tab/F4 deal.

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