pcsx2 more slow
I think that, despiste of in the last beta the emulator have improved, the 0.9.7 version stills more slow than 0.9.6 beta r1888. The compatibilty has improved but i think of version to version the emulation should be more fast, not more slow. I think you would think to start the emulation using the 4 cores, because it isn't overclocking dual core processors that you get there. Remember that already exist hexa cores.

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of course, it's slower. Pcsx2's goal is accuracy, not speed.
If it's more accurate, then it has to handle more things. hence, it's slower.

And about starting a completely new project supporting quad core or hexacore... I'll let you browse this forum because it has been answered many times.

After all, it's still an open source project, and you can help the team developing that "new version" with your own dev skills...
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Speed also becomes less and less of an issue as hardware improves. My brothers new sandybridge runs much faster than mine even when clocked lower.
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Yeah... we all want things to be better and faster but it's not always possible. Right now (actually almost always Tongue2) the focus is on getting more compatibility (more games working) which is fine since as it's been mentioned before, the hardware gets faster and cheaper anyway and it's not like the emulator is getting half speed either.

Quote:because it isn't overclocking dual core processors that you get there. Remember that already exist hexa cores.

There's also quad core CPU's like the Sandy Bridge i5/i7 that are able to get up to 3.6/3.7GHz on default turbo speeds (remember PCSX2's recommended CPU is a 3.2GHz core2 cpu, the sandybridge i5 is already much faster and cheaper than those) and that's without doing manual overclocking yet. Also take in count more cores doesn't automatically make things faster and there are a lot of things that can't be made into using multiple cores/threads (or else all programs would be done like that to begin with Tongue2).
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