pcsx2 r-1888 bugs
[Bug Reporting] WWE Smackdown Here comes the pain [NTSC]

#pcsx2 version:beta-r1888
#Cpu eerec on, vu0rec and vu1rec on, MTGS on,microVU0 off,microVU1 off
# Plugins used: Gsdx 1873 0.1.15 (hardware and software, dx10)or zerogs 0.97.1
# Description:game is slow even when speed hacks are on, While it was a little faster on pcsx2 0.9.6. Also when i press ESC then execute to return to the game it closes showing this message "an unhandled or unrecoverable exception occuerd the gs plugin failed to open initialize pcsx2 will now close"

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Lower speed is not a bug. Thread moved.
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what`s your hardware speces last what i remember about this game runs perfect on duo core
I have core2duo E8400 @3.00Ghz/6 MB CACHE
WIN XP PRO SP3 WITH DIRECTX august2009 and the x86vcredist
motherboard gigabyte EP31 with DDRII 1066/FSB 1333
Your graphics card is likely to be too weak, since it is a low-end card from an previous generation.
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I am sorry i wrote it wrong
it is NIVIDIA GEFORCE 8500 GT with 1024 mb(1gb) memory size
Yeah, still the same card. You knew it would be slow when you bought it for 20 bucks, didn't you? Tongue2
The 8500GT is a weak card, no matter how much RAM it has. Video card RAM is only useful running games with textures at very high resolutions. That card is not powerful enough to even run things at such high resolutions, so its performance would be almost identical to any other 8500GT with much less RAM.

You could try overclocking the video card using something like RivaTuner or EVGA Precision Tool.
[Image: yunacopy.jpg]
Hmm.. have you tried microVU0 on? This is the only way Hack GU was playable was to turn on microVU0 to on.. unplayable with microVU1 to on so try that and see what happens.
How can i know that the card is weak or powerful? what determines the speed of the VGA card? Is it the texture filling rate?
Which is the best graphics card for my motherboard ....I have gigabyte GA-EPS1-DS3L with ddrII 1066 support/FSB 1333/P31 chipset/PCI express

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