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pcsx2 r-1888 is fast ! ...well it was :(
hmm, I came to this thread again from the link you posted in another. Yes, the issue can occurs when for some reason Windows treats the disk as PIO mode instead UDMA x, although I saw that problem only with IDE drivers it may be an issue with SATA in IDE native mode.
x=a number normally ranging from 4 to 6.

All my discs are in AHCI mode, I don't have this choice anymore (good riddance).

The symptoms are a general slowdown in the whole system and too high CPU usage.

To solve the issue open the "Device Manager" under the "System" icon under the Windows control panel and verify the disks or the IDE ATA/ATAPI, the option will be there. Try finding on the web the correct UDMA number for your HD model, wrong number there lead to problems too.
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dear friends. i'm sorry i didn't reply earlier. i had no internet for 2 months. and i got it back last week,then i got busy with my exams.
i've read all your replys. and i hope i'll be able to answer all your questions Smile
well i don't use the 0.9.7 version cuz it's slow on my pc for some reason, even when i use the native mode, it's still slow. that's why i use an earlier version which is r-1888. some told me that it was the gpu which was weak.
i know it's a total wimp xD but still, i was able to play DBZ budokai tenkaishi 3 on the r-1888 version whithout any problem. so yeah
i'm gonna try today the 0.9.8 version.
i'll let you all know as soon there something new.
thx for you help again guys Smile oh and evrything is fine with the r-1888,i still use it and it works perfectly
anyway,i'll make sure to make some updates guys.

i just finished installing the new soft and configuring it,and when i tried it... it was slow as the previous one Tongue2
update your intel ata drivers to, an unspecified fix is included which improves io performance and reduces an IO/non paged pool leak.

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