pcsx2 r2276 limit frame
hi all will i want to ask can i limit the frame in my games because the games run very fast

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press F4 while in the game
not working
Press tab
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Don't use the wx build of pcsx2 yet, it's not complete.
the tab thing is not working

@rama but i like the wx build
It's nice that you like it... but since it's buggy and not ready for the masses by the sheer amount of bugs it's best to use a stable version till 0.9.7 betas are released to the public.
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(12-03-2009, 08:39 PM)jonemon1 Wrote: the tab thing is not working

@rama but i like the wx build

Then you need to play quicker, until frame limiting is working.
set refresh rate to 60hz, set vsync option in gsdx directx 10 then go to fullscreen. works.
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nothing is working for limiting the frame i think i will use 0.9.6 or a revision of 0.9.7 that do use wx

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