pcsx2-r5350 and Gran Turismo 4
Hi all,

i got pcsx2-r5350 and gran turismo 4, and i can play it, but the only problem is that i set the gamepad (logitech) and doesnt works correctly...

for example: i want gas to be on X and is on the right analog stick (up)
the brake i want it on Square and is on the right analog stick (down)

i set the buttons like PS3 controllers on pcsx2-r5350

on game options says the gas is on X and brakes on square but when i try to play doesnt works like that.

*and i want the green light on the road and i cant see it..

anyone know something ? Blink

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no one?
Have they fixed the in-game brightness issue yet?
i dont know about that, the only issue that i have seen is the one with gamepad. (gas and brake)

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