pcsx2 running slow
im sure its not my computers fault for running slow.
i have the intel 2700k overclocked to 4.4 Ghz radeon 7870 Ghz edition and 16 gigs of ram and the game keeps going slow motion and i get on average 20 frames a second can someone help

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Which game and version of the emulator are you using?
Processor: PentiumĀ® Dual Core CPU T4400 @ 2.20 GHZ
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel® 45 Express Chipset Family WDDM 1.1
RAM 3.00 GB
64 Bit Windows 7
Inspiron 1545
ratchet deadlocked and version 0.9.8
ratchet is slowwwww, so dont get ur hopes in this one, cause u cant runing.

Oh yea donwload the last svn, use the mtvu hack and pray to ur god.

Last svn http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/
can this program run on more than one core also?
yes it can now, thats why im saying that u should download the last svn and use the mtvu(mt=multi thread) hack, so the software can use 3 of the 4 cores of ur cpu.
whats the mtvu hack?
sorry i dont know alot about the program
Go to menu: Config, Emulation config(or something, i dont have my pcsx2 in english so i cant remember the names xD)--> Speed Hacks options, and there u gonna see the mtvu option.

sweet thank you it runs way better now
Check the configuration guide in the forums, that could help u for futher games.

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