pcsx2 running too fast with 100% framelimit
hey guys, some help on this issue would be much appreciated. i've been doing a lot of research and most of the time when people post that their game is too fast, they're told to turn off turbo and/or enable framelimiting. i am positive that turbo is not on and that disable framelimiting is unchecked. i have base framerate set to 100%, however, when i try to run persona 4, it runs at a solid 125%. the music in that game is too goddamned good to be turned into a ***** nightcore remix and i won't stand for it. all of my other settings are on their defaults. i don't really know what to do from here so if there's anything i'm not thinking of i'd love to hear it. 

thanks guys! :^)

p.s. nothing against nightcore it just isn't a very good nightcore remix.

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Can you post a screenshot of the game window(not in full screen)and also the emulog while the game is running that way

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