pcsx2 runs terribly.. and it shouldnt!
I dont get it.. Ive been messing with this damn thing for hours now, and I cant get anything to run worth a damn.

My system specs - ASUS G73JH

i7 Q740 1.73Ghz
Radeon HD 5850 1gb dedicated

I can run Skyrim w/mods at 60FPS.. but madden 12 for PS2 runs at like 20.

I have the newest versions of everything.. so updated is not an issue (Nor is backdating.. ive tried several different versions of the program, NONE of them play anything worth a crap.)

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1 - 1.73Ghz is you problem. it's far too weak for emulation.
2 - SKyrim isn't an emualted PS2 game. thus it's a ridiculous nonsense to compare it to Madden
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This will explain things...
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There are things you can try, to get it running a bit better. Such as enabling recommended hacks, preferably by using a preset. Using native resolution in hardware mode. If you look at the many stickies around here. Your CPU is simply too slow tbh.

You'd also probably be more inclined to get help if you didn't ask for it like a kid who got Lego for Christmas, and didn't know how to use it.
I dont give a damn how I ask. This is how I talk, suck it up and deal. Im not about to change just cause of your tender ears. I got my answer. Moving along.
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