pcsx2 save games back to ps2?
hi so i need to transfer pcsx2 save game file back to ps2 memory card but there is nothing anywhere telling me how to do this.

i origonaly transfered the save data from ps2 memory card via ulaunchelf to usb then extracted the files usng ps2 save builder and saved as .max file,i then played the game on pcsx2 worked brilliantly,now i want to play the game back on my ps2 how do i transfer that back now its in psu format please help

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1.Open the card with mymc
2.Select the saves you want to export
3.Export them to psu format(you can choose between psu and max)
4.Place the saves into your usb flash drive
5.Plug it into your PS2
6.Start ulaunchelf and go to mass://
7.Select your saves=>Press R1=>Copy
8.Go to your memory card=>R1=>Psu Paste

That's all

It's kinda weird to know how export your saves from your ps2 memory card but to not know how to place saves into the ps2 memory card

PS.When copying saves from the PS2 memory card,use PsuPaste when you paste them into your usb flash drive(mymc support that format and there are some saves that loose data when you just copy=>paste instead of copy=>psupaste)
i can transfer the psu files no problem but it dosent appear on my ps2 memory card so i assumed i had to convert them from psu back to ps2 readable data ill give it another go do i have to rename the file folder the same as the psu file or the origonal name of the ps2 flolder "BASLUS-21031GR7SSN1" cos the psu file is "SLUS-21031 GallopRacer2004 GameFile01 (B2D514C1)" or do i name it the same as psu file thanks for ur help
To put it as short as possible
1.Open the card with mymc and export your saves(choose the psu format from the Save as type)
2.Copy the saves to your usb flash drive(no need for any name change)
3.Plug the flash drive to your ps2,start ule and enter the flash drive
4.Select the saves(the psu files)then press R1 and choose copy
5.Go to mc0 and press R1 once your are inside
6.Choose PsuPaste(not just paste)

That's all
I've done this tons of times

PSUPaste extract the psu file to a folder and the save becomes like you call it "back to ps2 readable data"
ah now i see i missed the paste as psu ill try that thanks

so just put the psu file in mco no folder
Like I said above,PSUPaste(not the Paste menu)creates the folder(with the correct name)and extract the files inside

Mymc does the same thing with your saves when you import them to the pcsx2 memory card

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