pcsx2 settings for my comp specs
Hi was wondering if their was say.. a sheet to use for the cpu,advanced,and speed hacks settings for particular cpu's like a phenom1(small OC to 2.675). Or is there possibly a sheet for gsdx settings for an ATI 4850 card? Have been looking around awhile and haven't seen one so if anyone can point me in where to find it I would be grateful. Laugh
Or If you know what settings I should use for my cpu and Ati card that would be cool too Laugh

So far have only got 1 of my 13 games to work Sad

Spanks !!

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Would be better if you tell us your games, your pcsx2 settings, and what problems you have with your games so we can help.
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hmmm how can i show you...
First step: Tell us which games you're trying so we can tell you which ones we know work for sure (IE there is a setting problem)

Also, posting your emulog file after failing to run one of those games would also help.
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And screenshots of config > configure, graphics, cpu, speedhacks, advanced windows would be best for settings.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
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im trying to play armored core the last raven and its extremly slow, is this common?
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I have everything on their default settings, I cannot play GI-Joe,Grand tourismo4, so far the only games that work are ff12 and ff10.

Like I was saying It would be cool if you had a list of where you should put settings based on processor speed/type and graphic settings based on model/make/brand.
I basically followed all the directions in the guide and with my computer being gamer/modern am figuring it was my settings that are goofing these games. So it sounds like not all ps2 games will work?
Not all PS2 games work, not all working games work the same, problem with such a type of list is that there's too many variables as not all systems work the same for every game.

There's the compatibility list and screenshots/videos thread if you want to know about specific games besides of the threads for specific games. Best you can do is create a new thread with problems you have with games if you didnt find them searching in the forums.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
A complete list of settings for every possible computer is...well, it would be finite. Unless everyone have a Mac, it would be pretty hard to have said list. Think about it, there are billions and billions of computers out there, each with its own hardware combination (a little exaggerated, but you get the picture). Also, the settings for one game might not even work for another game. For example, my settings for game 1 is fine and everything, but when I play game 2, fps starts to drop to around 30-40. The config guide is basically an attempt to help you config PCSX2 yourself. Learn what each setting does and play around with it. Don't be afraid, because if it doesn't work, just delete all of the ini's and start over. I took me several tries just to get a balanced image quality to performance ratio for all of my games.

Haha, Shadow Lady beat me to it. Long post is long.
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Moral of the thread:

Play around with the settings until you fix your stuff. You can't break anything because you can just delete the inis, so have no fear in changing even the stuff that says "NEVER CHANGE THIS"!
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