pcsx2 setup.exe is not a valid win 32 application

when I try to execute pcsx2-0.9.8-r4600-setup I get this error message: why is that? is there a workaround?

(I'm runnig a multicore pc with both win7 and xp.)

thanks for any help Smile .

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Maybe I'm wrong because Windows are the only system I've ever really worked with - but is there a chance that you downloaded a PCSX2 version for Linux/Mac?
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He wont be able to do anything if he download the linux version.
Try redownloading pcsx2 and try again
There is no setup for the linux version Tongue
Redownload it without using any download manager. Make sure your antivirus doesn't mess with the file (yes it's 100% clean)
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thanks for the replies.

I just installed without problems a previous version (0.9.7) and for the moment I think I' ll stick with that Smile ...

okami and ffX seem to run smoothly, now I only have to figure out how to configure the keyboard Blink

btw is there an option to run the games full-screen?

Sorry but we will only support the latest 0.9.8 release here...no point in trying to help users fix problems that are already resolved in the latest version. You can press alt+enter to go to full screen.
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invalid file image errors are usually a result of a corrupted download.
yes ,that was it... I redownloaded the file and now I'm running the latest pcsx2 without problems...

thx! Smile

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