pcsx2 showing 2 cameras on gta san andreas
Hello, I have really good configuration of my comp and emulator, so I made gta san andreas to work on 70%-100% FPSBiggrin I have little problem in game ... in game apears to be 2 cameras showed at the same time ... the main camera, 100% visible, and second maybe 30% visible and ALWAYS looking in other direction... this second camera apears every time, and that camera depands not on video plugins, i have tried every plugin, and the same is result. it is surely not from cddvd plugin, i am loading game from iso image. Its not so anoying, since it is hardly visible, but slows game down, I am sure ... I played the same DVD on ps2, and there apears no '2nd camera'. Should I report this as 'pcsx2 bug' ??? and by the way, any ideas how to turn it off ? Laugh
EDIT: sry for bad english Smile

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Yeah, it sounds like a bug, post it over in bugs.

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