pcsx2 slows down/breaks computer?!
Hello, I'm a quite heavy pc-noob and on top haven't english as native. Hope the post ist legible, though.
I wanted to report this problem I'm having, which is a progressive increasing slow down of my pc, starting after like 10 hours of emu gameplay with any game. First I thought it only affected PCSX2 gaming preformance, but now I have noticed that even when using the much less demanding Project 64 there is a fluidity loss and slow downs that were not before. Can this be a simple temperature problem, so that after some days without using PCSX2 everything goes normal, or is this emu breaking my computer?! Maybe I'm abusing savestates plus F4-button (for unskippable scripted events, backtracking...), the latter making my pc work noticeable louder
And how can I prevent such slowing down on PCSX2 anyway, maybe de- and reinstalling it (can I keep my savestates)? Using a less demanding configuration (I play it in 1920 x 1080 with highest settings)? Or play no more than a certain time consecutively?
Here my pc info, if it helps:
i5 2400 (3.1-3.4 Ghz)
GTX 560 Ti,
Antec 550 W
Thank you for help or explanation!

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No it can't be.I use my computer 3 year with Pcsx 2 .I use other games and I never have problem.

But first it can be a virus.second your supply ,perhaps you don't have enough Ram memory

If you have temperature problem use Everst Ultimate edition (30 day test for free)

GTX 560 Ti :in full power 306W
TDP i5 240 :95W
How many hardrive ?
Ram memory? Extension card? Sound card?

Antec : 550W TRUEPOWER TP3-550 EC ATX 85%: 550x0,85=467,5W
I think with specs like that he has at least 2-4 gigs of random access memory memory.

also he said he was using project 64 and had the same problem,so i think heat can thrown out the window.
I bought my pc mainly for gaming and emulation, my first usage of pcsx2 was without having anything on the pc installed or downloaded than the emu, the imgburn and the game. So virus or memory issues... no chance. Going to check the temperature thing, though. Maybe the pc detects overheating and slows itself down overall, don't know. Thanks for this first replies!
Believe it or not I get a slow down when playing Civilization V (pc game) if I also run Firefox (it consumes a whooping 500 MB of RAM if I have 4 or 5 tabs open) while Civ 5 consumes no more than 1GB. Even though I have 8 GB of RAM I still get slowdowns so maybe you are having a similar issue. Maybe you are running a program in the background such as a virus scan or Disk Defragmenter which I think use a lot of cpu/RAM

Both your cpu and gpu are better than mine so it's probably your RAM or you hard Drive or overheating issues (download coretemp and check your temperatures when playing pcsx2)
Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H-MVP micro ATX Intel motherboard
Intel Core i5 3570K processor @3.4 GHz
Patriot G2 Series 8 GB DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
Sapphire Radeon HD7870XT 2GB GDDR5 RAM
Patriot Pyro SATA III 120 GB SSD
Corsair GS 600W PSU
All right, I'm testing a bit burdening my pc, haven't firefox, but tried to play pcsx2 with frameskipping and running disc defrag in the background. I deinstalled the first game I was using, Fatal Frame 2, and started to play Suikoden 3 after a day w/o playing, and couldn't notice any slow down, with 85-95 fps, for the hour I ran it. While this I checked the computer with Argus Monitor, and noticed indeed high gpu temperatures with peaks of sometimes 50-55 degrees. The cpu charge oscilates mostly below 40 %. Ram utilization stable below 60 %. Turbo Boost multiplicators also active, 3200 Mhz per core, which I suppose is the limit. Could perhaps overclocking of my pc solve the slowdown problem (heard that with i5 2400 it's not well practicable)? But then again, surely not the temperature problem...
I'll still try to play at different time intervals and reading the values, to get more conclusions if needed.
(01-17-2012, 05:40 AM)morpholog Wrote: and running disc defrag in the background.

You are saying that you are running it? you should NOT run it

(01-17-2012, 05:40 AM)morpholog Wrote: and noticed indeed high gpu temperatures with peaks of sometimes 50-55 degrees.

That's not high at all for a gpu. Is that while gaming?

(01-17-2012, 05:40 AM)morpholog Wrote: Ram utilization stable below 60 %.

How much RAM do you have in gigabytes. Like I said I get slowdowns when I'm only using 40% of the RAM so if you are using 60% then that might be the cause.

What do some of the mods here think ?
Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H-MVP micro ATX Intel motherboard
Intel Core i5 3570K processor @3.4 GHz
Patriot G2 Series 8 GB DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
Sapphire Radeon HD7870XT 2GB GDDR5 RAM
Patriot Pyro SATA III 120 GB SSD
Corsair GS 600W PSU
The reports the OP makes are inconsistent. We can't try debugging a 'problem' that is there at some point then vanishes the next....RAM is certainly not the problem, neither defragging or anything HDD related. My best guess would be as you said in your first reply the PSU (if there is indeed a problem in the end...)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Well, if something is inconsistent, it's the behavior of my pc in combination with pcsx2; I only report what I see/read -sure, for a beginner it's difficult to draw the right conclusions, and at at certain point of examinig/comparing images and movement speeds, I even may end not being sure if I really SEE differences or I'm starting to THINKING them...
In any case, the slow down starts after a long and intensive playing time, so what else should it be than temperature?
But I achieved at least some quality improvements, first by changing presets from ballanced to safest, which eliminated some sound reverberations/repetitions that appeared, then, by substituting custom res by x6 scaling, it really made it even sharper! But this latter was also accompained by a temperature increase, 60-65 degree, which I suppose is too much for running more than an hour. However, it still surprises me, how the PCSX2 burns my computer so extremely -when running Dolphin, for example, the temperature stays under 40, with not the slightest slowdown! Gues I'll have to be more careful with this one...
I had the exact same problem. ALL emulators (PCSX2, Dolphin, PPSSPP, DeSmuME, VBA) were slowing down my computer, even after closing them.

After some trial-and-error, what fixed it for me was doing a System Restore to before my last Windows 10 Update (or you could uninstall said update, I think).

Temporary Fixes: (These worked only once. The problem resumed after restarting my computer)
• Turn off SLI
• Roll back Nvidia drivers

My Specs:
Computer - Lenovo y510p laptop
GPU - GeForce GTX 750M SLI
CPU - Intel i5-4200M @ 2.5GHz
RAM - 6 GB
HDD - 1 TB

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