pcsx2 stopped working once updated to nightly version 1.7.3717
i am using theĀ 64bit AVX2 Qt version , and untill the nightly 1.7.3716 it was working perfectly , but once i updated to nightly version 1.7.3717 (htps:/pcsx2.net/downloads/) , it started to give me this error whatever setting i chose and whatever game i try to run: "GS error: Exception caught in GSopen: bad allocation" , so no , it isn't a problem of my computer , someone did something wrong with the update 1.7.3717 and because of it now the emulator probably work only those who are developing it , so just ***** solve this problem you assholes

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Let this be a lesson.

Opening your query by insulting us, not gonna get you any help.

Following it up 5 minutes later telling us to kill ourselves, DEFINITELY not going to garner you anything but a ban.
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