pcsx2 will not load.
ive look though all the FAQ and alot of the forum. but i cant find anything to help me.
when i go to load pcsx2 i get this error:
PCSX2 Critical error
Thread creation failure. An unspecified error occurred while trying to create the SysExecutor thread.
I have no idea how to fix this or makes this work.

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I have no idea either since you haven't listed your PC specs or posted a log.
a log of what i cant even get it to start up so a log file wouldnt even be created and my computer specs suck. im just seeing if i can get it to work on this computer before i put it on my other computer. here is a ss of the error. computer specs are:Window Vista 32 bit Intel Pentium Dual cpu @2.8ghz
2gb ram with ati radeon hd 9800.

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also which version of PCSX do u use?!?
Try to run this version it's one of the latest stable versions. It's the one I use.

ill try it out and see if it works.
yea that one doesnt work eather i think something is wrong with my computer...
Yeah there's definitely something wrong with the PC, haven't seen this error coming up before ever again...make sure you have installed service pack 2, all windows updates and that your drivers are up to date.
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